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Hongliang Lv

Born in Shaoxing 1980, Hongliang Lv, D.F.A. (Doctor of Fine Arts) is a Chinese landscape, figure, and still-life painter. He teaches art at university and spends the rest time in his studio, reading, thinking and painting. He has always been able to maintain his childlike heart and explore his pure artistic creation regardless of the fast-growing Chinese economy and ever-changing world.

Lv is a thoughtful Artist. His still life painting "Time Stand Still”, appeals to mottled light with gentle and quiet tone to convey the sadness of time passing. The blurred dynamics of light and the moods of tranquility and privacy of still life create a sense of rhythm, which extends infinitely the artist’s aesthetic conception.

Growing up in the coastal area of Zhejiang Province, he has deep attachments and persistence to the sea. In "The Sea", painted in 2018, he rendered his inner emotions, which is called the implication and lyric of oriental philosophy, “a semblance great, the shadow of a shade”.

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