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Kebeyo Chen

Kebeyo Chen is an artist who grew up and lives in Shanghai. Her uniquely charming personality, rich life experience and endless inspirations have allowed her to create distinctive art works.  Her works embody both sense and sensibility, are full of emotions and are colourful. Her paintings extend beyond the canvas to stimulate your imagination in pursuit of the stories the works are telling. She says “In this chaotic world, what is worth us to spend our entire lives to explore and work towards is how to grow ourselves inside. “ In her eyes, this is the one and only life,  and the world in a different form. Her works include paintings, sculptures and installation art. 

Her works have been presented at several art exhibitions in recent years, including  MoCA Shanghai (2019), Florence Biennale (2017) . She has also had four individual art shows in public places in (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019).

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