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Max Ma

Max Ma was born in 1972 in Suzhou, a quaint city in southern China where his grandmother resided. At the age of two, he moved to Xiamen with his family for six years, before returning to Suzhou. After another two years of stay, his family settled down in Shanghai when he was ten years old. Max Ma started painting at a very young age and continued until he received a Praktica camera from his father. That year, he was sixteen. From the moment he touched the camera, Max became irrevocably in love with photography. The images of the grandparents and the little boy gathered around a rusty furnace during the festive holiday season, some emigrant workers trying to make enough fare for their trips home, a senile women standing feebly on an unnamed street… These snapshots from the bottom of society are powerful impressions of the enduring yet hopeful human nature.

He indigenously transferred the skills honed in photography to his oil works, especially in areas such as lighting treatment, creating depth and perspective effect. His oil paintings reflect the upbringing and personality of the artist - pure, genuine and simple. He's a pure artist with exceptional talent and penetrating insights leading us to the delicate and pure emotions.

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