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Robert Huang

Teng-Hui Huang, a.k.a. Robert Huang as signed on his canvases, was born in 1959, in Hualien County, Taiwan. He graduated from Tung-Hai University, and holds a master degree in aesthetics from Tsing-Hua University in Beijing. He also is a Ph.D Candidate from Tsing-Hua. During college, he took architecture classes, and thus learned sketching and painting skills. Triggered by the ideal of utopia environment, he and three friends from college endeavored to reconstruct a worn out neighborhood, which was well received and was the first successful community reconstruction in Taiwan during 1990s. The Utopia neighborhood is a benchmark for latter community rebuilds. Huang is passionate into music and thus participated as the General Director of Classic Orchestra, a teenage orchestra that promotes classical music and youth music programs. Deeply influenced by the pursuit of love and beauty in Saint-Exupery's Little Prince, Huang founded Rose House, a rose inspired English Tea House. Since 1990, Rose House has had 50 stores worldwide.


Robert Huang’s early oeuvre was his rose theme and this theme has become his distinctive trademark. His works are shown on visa and master card covers. He also had the honor of designing H.R.H. Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s commemorative wedding china for Aynsley, a royal china supplier based in Great Britain. His porcelain works are well loved by many collectors worldwide. Since 2008, Huang started to present his thoughts and aesthetics through abstract art. He combined religion, music, seasons, stars, and even the universe into his surrealistic creations. He transitioned from realism into abstraction. With the goal of elevating his art further, in 2012, he was enrolled in a master degree in philosophy and aesthetics at Tsing-Hua University. From that time on, Robert started to use acrylic as his representing medium, and pursuit meta aesthetics in his artworks. He uses imaginative symbols and fickle colors to further the complexity of his paintings. The symbolic representation are flourishing and musically cordial in his works.


Robert is a unique artist. Defying out of most artists, he has multiple identities and transdisciplHe thinks any type of art, besides mastering the technique, must also show the truthful self. It is vital for an artist to start a conversation between oneself, the world, and the mass universe. His works embody his ideas and feelings, which are paradoxical framing yet quietly balanced. The variability of the colors and forms, time and space presents a perfection that has been destroyed and reborn.inary characteristics. He went from the property development business, to studying philosophy, poetry, and music. He is an artist, but also an entrepreneur. These conflicting identities give him the inspirations and soul to his works.

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